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Technology Advisory

Technology Advisory

Our group can show organisations how to align their technology capabilities with their strategic and operational objectives.

We help organisations align their technology capabilities with their strategic objectives.

In many organisations technology is viewed as both a challenge and an opportunity. This reflects the fact that while effective technology has become an absolute prerequisite for organisational growth and success, many boards and senior executives are still looking to get a firmer grip on technology matters. In short, organisations need to bring technology into the business mainstream.

How we can help

KPMG’s Technology Advisory group can show organisations how to better align their technology capabilities with their strategic and operational objectives. We focus on how to maximise the value of the technology investment.

We are not tied to particular hardware or software suppliers. This means our advice is objective and framed entirely in terms of our clients’ needs. 

We also draw on KPMG’s extensive national and global resources, adopting a multidisciplinary approach to help unlock the full potential of existing and new technology investments.

We offer a suite of services designed to assist clients of all kinds and sizes across a broad range of industries. 

Our services include:

Technology Strategy & Performance

We work with our clients to identify, prioritise, design, and better manage their technology investments. We help develop technology strategies, we provide advice on the design and implementation of contemporary technology operating models, and we advise organisations on how to extract optimum value from people, partners, and assets. In addition, we provide pre and post-deal technology advisory services. 

Technology Enablement & Implementation

Transforming themselves with technology is essential for organisations seeking to grow, increase efficiencies, and remain relevant amid times of innovation and change.

We help our clients to augment their business capabilities. By enhancing the potential of their technology through the analysis, assessment and implementation of their technology solutions, we help our clients through all implementation stages of the lifecycle.

At KPMG, we understand that successful transformation is more than simply embedding the technology – sustainable transformational change requires deep industry insight combined with functional expertise and technology know how that underpins a client’s strategic goals. With our acquisition of Markets IT, we have also recently augmented our E2E capabilities around trading and risk analytics platforms for the capital markets businesses of Australian banks.

Analytics, Information & Modelling

We understand that it is about what you do with your data, not how much of it you control or collate. With our information-driven approach, we enable our clients to learn from and use big data to make better business decisions, grow revenue, enhance operational capabilities, and manage enterprise risks and compliance mandates.

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