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Technology Risk

Technology Risk

Our group has deep experience and skill to help clients better comprehend and manage technology, cyber and information risks.

We help clients better comprehend and manage technology, cyber and information risks.

In an age of mobile, social media and digital/online transformation, organisations are challenged by the need to be agile, always ‘on’ and deepening connections with their customers. The consequences (and threats) posed by these types of activities is changing the way organisations think about, and manage risk.

The IT disaster recovery plans of yesteryear are no longer relevant. At the same time, cyber risks are increasing. Boards and senior executives want to understand what this means for their organisation – how to protect themselves from within and outside their perimeter. Understanding risks – real time – and being able to respond quickly, is now a necessary organisational capability.

This makes it essential for businesses to build their organisational resilience, strengthen core controls and elevate their cyber security maturity to meet the challenges of technology and information risks head on.

How we can help

Our Technology Risk group has deep experience and skills to help our clients better comprehend and manage technology, cyber and information risks. By closely understanding our clients’ issues and strategies, we can design methods to manage their risks which also further their business objectives. 

Our services include:

  • helping our clients with major IT investments through project risk management support 
  • identifying and managing cyber security and other technology and information risks 
  • enhancing our clients’ business resilience 
  • improving our clients’ understanding and management of risk in technology through designing and implementing effective controls over technology assets 
  • assisting our clients to meet their IT compliance and governance obligations in a way that enhances their business objectives.

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