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Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory

Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory

How we help organisations to achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market by putting customer outcomes at the centre of every decision.

To achieve sustainable growth, customer outcomes must be at the centre of every decision.

To achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market, customer outcomes must be at the centre of every decision. Customer preferences are changing and the bar on expectations is continuously being raised in our 'always on', multi-channel world.

KPMG specialises in helping organisations achieve a ‘customer first’ agenda to drive the desired financial and operational outcomes. We help organisations with the transformative activities required to deliver customer-centricity, in order to create positive experiences as well as extra economic value.

We help clients to understand the relevant market developments, and assist you to frame your strategy and transformational roadmap for the future. We can help establish an effective and efficient set-up that makes it clear what your business stands for when it comes to customer-centricity.

Our financial heritage brings these options forward in a pragmatic way, defining plans for growth, cost-to-serve and the business cases required to deliver them. We understand the science behind informing these decisions and have the real-world operational expertise to bring them to fruition.

Our team can help you:

  • set a ‘customer first’ agenda for growth, profitability and efficiency across the enterprise
  • define what you want customer-centricity to mean to your organisation and assess the related maturity across people, processes and systems
  • understand how your customers engage with you, their expectations and motivations
  • design customer journeys from front to back of house, focusing on the needs of your customers
  • embed innovation into your culture and organisation to adapt with agility
  • assess your channel landscape, understanding the voice and behaviours of your customers, business and partners to define an optimal channel mix, and help you to migrate volumes to your preferred channels
  • enhance your investment in sales, service and marketing functions, supporting teams to build stronger customer relationships, aligning them strongly to your strategy and to drive profitable growth
  • reconsider your service strategy and delivery model, including robotic and cognitive capabilities
  • join your internal and external value chain, with your customer-centric principles
  • improve customer-facing systems for more insights, flexibility and cost management in interactions
  • connect fragmented data to create value and actionable insights.

Watch our video to find out more about how we can help our clients improve their customer engagement and bottom line.

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