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Human Services

Human Services

KPMG assists government agencies, private sector participants, civil stakeholders and citizen groups achieve effective human and social services.

KPMG assists government, private, civil and citizen groups with human and social services.

Meeting the needs of citizens in areas such as child and family services, employment, disability, housing and community is one of the great challenges in Australia today. Delivering effective human and social services reform and improving citizen outcomes requires collaboration and deep skills across governments, not-for-profit organisations and private sector service providers.

We draw on immense experience in the sector to assist government agencies, private sector participants, civil society stakeholders and citizen groups to achieve effective human and social services.

We work with our clients to review and evaluate programs and service delivery, redesign services, develop funding models, assess cost effectiveness, formulate performance and quality measurement frameworks and inform policy development and execution.

Innovations in human services delivery

A look at how technology is transforming the provision of human and social services.

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Key contact

KPMG's Global Human & Social Services group

Our group brings together subject matter experts and experienced professionals from around the world to share best practices, knowledge and experience in the sector.

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Human services providers achieve digital transformation

Practical lessons for achieving and maintaining digital transformation.

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Rethinking regulation in the human services sector

We look at how governments are rethinking regulation in the human services sector.

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Social benefit bonds and impact investing

How governments can accelerate the potential of social benefit bonds.

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KPMG advised BaptistCare on its successful bid to the NSW Government.

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Arrilla Indigenous Services

Connecting Indigenous and Corporate Australia to enhance social and economic outcomes.

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