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Power & Utilities

KPMG can help energy organisations respond to the challenges facing the power and utilities sector, globally and domestically.

KPMG can help energy organisations respond to challenges in their sector.

Within the Power & Utilities sector, growth triggers are primarily related to mergers and acquisitions activity and market development.

With the gap between supply and demand shrinking, ongoing need for high cost infrastructure rejuvenation and the challenge of high input costs, organisations in growth mode will need to focus on efficiency, financial management and capital initiatives to fund growth-related activities.

This means that:

  • companies focused on growth will need to deal with social media playing a major role in creating political pressure on pricing, the lack of certainty over carbon pricing and some difficult issues related to the availability of gas on the East Coast
  • choosing the right emerging technologies to invest in, including time-of-use products, is critical. As will be getting the risk-reward tension and the rollout right
  • while customer acquisition strategies and robust pricing paradigms are critically important, so are digital strategies that improve the customer experience
  • given the uncertainty created by changing legislation and the limits imposed by regulators, building non-regulated revenue streams may build shareholder value over the long term
  • renewable energy will continue to emerge as a key contributor to meeting local and global energy demands; however, government policy and market sentiment will be the key contributors to whether success is achieved in the short or longer term.


How we can help

KPMG’s Global Power & Utilities Group provides services to numerous global power and utilities businesses, state-owned providers, national businesses, services companies and public sector bodies charged with regulating and advocacy within the sector.

The team delivers services covering:

  • traditional audit and tax
  • a range of advisory offerings including transaction and infrastructure support, debt advisory, management and risk consulting.

For more information, visit KPMG's Global website.

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