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KPMG can help Australia's not-for-profit organisations respond effectively to challenging and complex issues facing the sector.

KPMG can help not-for-profit organisations respond to challenging and complex issues.

These issues include the need to:

  • sustain and improve financial performance
  • streamline internal systems and processes
  • respond to regulatory issues
  • manage and optimise assets.

More not-for-profits of all kinds and sizes are adopting practices proven in the corporate sector to enhance their performance and accountability.

How we can help

Through our national Not-for-Profit group, KPMG has helped some of Australia’s most successful not-for-profits respond effectively to changing conditions. Our services include:

  • financial modelling and new funding models
  • advice on legislative and regulatory compliance
  • advice and feedback to the board and audit committee
  • business analysis and operational review
  • strategic planning
  • leadership and management coaching.

KPMG keeps directors and CEOs of clients up-to-date on trends and developments in the not-for-profit sector from a ‘whole of business’ perspective. The briefings cover important issues such as changing demographics and social values, corporate governance concerns and alterations to government policy settings. We offer timely accounting and regulatory updates for CFOs and financial controllers.

We possess a deep technical understanding of the not-for-profit sector and respect its values.

Not-for-profit Standards on Issue

Standards issued by the AASB and IASB applicable to not-for-profit entities.

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Key contact

Accounting for income of not-for-profit entities

An overview of the changes to income recognition requirements that will apply to NFPs.

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New guidance for PBIs and HPCs

Daniela Chiew and Catherine Dean look at the ACNC's recent guidance on PBIs and HPCs.

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17RU-001 Not-for-profit entities: income recognition

Standard and guidance on income recognition and measurement for not-for-profit entities.

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15RU-013 Service performance reporting for NFPs

We look at service performance reporting requirements for not-for-profit entities.

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The Directors' Toolkit

Designed to help directors perform their duties and improve board performance.

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