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KPMG works with all levels of government to help them respond to policy and service delivery challenges.

KPMG works with government to help them respond to policy and service delivery challenges.

The pressure on government is intensifying, driven by global markets forces and the challenge of meeting growing demands for better, more personalised services with shrinking funds.

KPMG understands the unique needs of the public sector today, and we offer targeted advice that can help governments achieve policy reform and change the way services are delivered.

We've worked closely with all levels of government for many years and our people have a deep understanding of the environment, culture, policies and procedures of government.

Our dedicated teams operate in each jurisdiction, and our industry focus includes:

  • ageing
  • defence and national security
  • education
  • health and human services
  • justice and security
  • transport and infrastructure.

How we can help

We’ve helped governments introduce major financial management and service delivery reforms and worked on large-scale initiatives in the health and aged care sectors. KPMG has acted as a key adviser on restructuring the energy and transport industries.

Our services include:

  • policy review and evaluation
  • assurance and risk management
  • financial and budget management
  • economic analysis
  • advice on infrastructure reform and financing
  • strategic planning and governance advice.

Through our extensive national and global networks, we have access to resources to help government explore new, international perspectives.

Global Centres of Excellence

To support our public sector clients, dedicated Global Centres of Excellence bring together deep experience and knowledge in specific areas of government business:

  • Cities
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Human and Social Services
  • International Development Assistance Services
  • Justice and Security.

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State & Territory Governments

KPMG offers a range of services and advice to State and Territory Governments.

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