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KPMG's team of infrastructure professionals advise on designing, executing and managing major infrastructure projects and transactions.

Our team advise on executing major infrastructure projects and transactions.

Creating smarter infrastructure for Australia

Paul Foxlee on how we can use infrastructure technology to improve our communities.

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Globally, the infrastructure sector is grappling with consolidation, surplus capacity, access to capital, pressures on profitability, complex information technology requirements and ever-increasing government regulation. The demands of infrastructure projects have implications for all layers of government, as well as for financiers, investors and various public and private-sector enterprises.

KPMG's infrastructure professionals are involved in many exciting projects across the world, in various sectors and stages of the infrastructure lifecycle. Our team of professionals advise on designing, executing and managing major infrastructure projects and transactions. We have participated in many of Australia’s largest and most complex government asset sales, privatisations and public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Our capabilities cover all key sectors, including energy and natural resources, water, telecommunications and transport. We have worked on major social infrastructure projects such as schools, hospitals and public housing. 

Rethinking infrastructure planning

Why shaking up traditional approaches to infrastructure planning must start now.

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The art of the City Deal

Leaders must set out a shared vision and implement the Australian City Deals framework.

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Public infrastructure spending

Why infrastructure spend should be raised by between 25-40 percent.

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A map to road pricing schemes in Australia

A road pricing trial will build support for agreeing on and implementing the right scheme.

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Two visions for an autonomous future

How governments can safeguard the productivity of our cities in the autonomous era.

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How autonomous vehicles will reshape our cities

How can policy makers manage both urban sprawl and consolidation in the autonomous era?

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Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2017

This edition of Foresight looks at trends facing the world’s infrastructure markets.

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