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Talent Management

Talent Management

Talent management concentrates on attracting, training, and developing employees

Talent management concentrates on attracting, selecting, training, and developing employees. Many organisations continue to take a generic ‘best practice’ approach for one of their most important strategic levers: how best to manage their people.

Manage them well and the organisation will sing in harmony. Manage them poorly, and things start going off key.

The ability to develop the right talent strategy for any organisation depends largely on how well it is able to tune in to the talent it needs to be successful in the future.

Your organisation is unique – and so is the mix of talent you need to deliver your business strategy. We use the KPMG Tune in to Talent approach to help our clients, a tool designed to:

  • identify the right talent management strategy to align the workforce to the current and future needs of the business
  • implement a unique talent management plan, i.e. a talent management playlist

Here are some of our activities and insights with respect to talent management:
  • Assistance in the selection of talented employees
  • Identification and development of high-potential staff:
    • we develop and conduct tailor-made development/assessment centres
    • we carry out personality questionnaires
    • we propose individual personal development plans
    • we accompany your people in individual coaching
  • Facilitation of team dynamic workshops to increase team awareness and effectiveness
  • Facilitation of soft-skills trainings

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