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Governance and Social Sector

Governance and Social Sector

IDAS has worked with donors, governments, civil society, academia and the private sector to improve transparency and accountability.

IDAS has worked with donors, governments, civil society, academia and...

We support the creation of space to enable new discourses and relationships to emerge between citizen and state, resulting in enhanced access to and quality of delivery of basic social services.

While there is widespread agreement that governance matters - intrinsically and for improvements in economic and social outcomes, there continue to be considerable challenges in governance and accountability in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our governance and social sectors programmes support accountability, responsiveness and improvement in the quality of service delivered by governments. We also use our expertise to mainstream crosscutting themes such as gender, youth and disability in the design and delivery of programmes in our other sectors to ensure inclusion of all members of the communities we work in.

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Accountability in Tanzania

The AcT programme that provides financial support and learning opportunities for CSOs working in economic growth, the social sectors and governance issues in Tanzania.

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