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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We prioritize learning and share insights to inform not just ourselves but others working towards the same goals.

In the IDAS business unit we take the view that many of the world’s development issues can be solved through collaboration. With cross learning at the top of the agenda, every day we work to uncover and learn new lessons from our specialists implementing programmes in the field. We use them to make our grantees’ projects work better; we use them to teach ourselves to do better; and we share them with our clients, so that they too can make the most of their funding. Every insight we adapt makes a world of difference in the outcomes we achieve and in making projects sustainable in the ever changing development landscape. Here are some of the lessons learned from our portfolio in general:

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PAYGO: Solar distribution

In a continent of 1 billion people 700 million people remain without access to power. Over the years, there have been many attempts to connect Africa to sources of energy, but the efforts have faced serious issues with expanding the grid to rural areas, bottlenecks around power generation, and long lead times that come with larger installations of power plants and grid extension. However there is new hope, a new model for providing access to electricity – It is called Pay as you go-technology (PAYGO), and with the right support and resources available, shows potential to trail blaze energy access into millions of households in Africa.