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German Tax & Legal Center

German Tax & Legal Center

For tax opportunities in the German-Swiss economic region, KPMG has a specialized team of experienced experts in Zurich.

Experienced experts for the German-Swiss economic region.

Services for private individuals
Is your personal situation shaped by interrelated tax factors both in Switzerland and Germany?

Our tax specialists can offer you support regarding the following tax issues:

  • Cross-border change of residence between Germany and Switzerland
  • Succession planning in the German-Swiss economic region
  • Provision of advice on the double taxation agreement between Germany and Switzerland

Self-disclosure to avoid penalty in Germany
The agreement on the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) between Germany and Switzerland entered into force on 1 January 2017. Self-disclosure also remains an area of focus in Germany. Under the German national legal standard, one might get the impression that it’s possible to gain impunity. Nevertheless, dangerous pitfalls lurk behind the requirements. To help you avoid paying penalties in Germany, we have specialists situated in both Switzerland and Liechtenstein to advise you regarding self-disclosures.

Corporate tax law & corporate tax compliance
Do you require highly qualified tax and legal advice for Germany and Switzerland because you want to start or expand business activities in one of the countries or want to restructure existing business activities in a tax efficient manner? With the German Tax & Legal Center, you can get expert advice and the best approach for your challenges.

Advice in connection with financial authorities and fiscal courts
We support you with external and company audits and during fiscal court proceedings in Germany. Thanks to our longstanding practical experience with various issues relating to international tax law and fiscal court proceedings, we can provide you with expert support in critical situations.

Services for banks
The German Tax & Legal Center offers a range of professional services and solutions for Swiss banks, family offices and financial services providers. We work closely together with our Swiss legal experts to ensure that you also have a contact partner specializing in Swiss banking law.

Multishore Tax Reporting
Foreign private clients of Swiss banks are required to determine their income themselves or have this done by their tax advisor for their tax return. This can be time-consuming and expensive. A professional tax reporting system, which the Swiss banks make available to their bank clients, provides a strategic advantage here. KPMG’s Multishore Tax Reporting is an electronic outsourcing solution that generates tax reports for various countries in a quick and efficient manner via an interface to the core banking system.


Further information

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