Indirect Tax & Export Control

Indirect Tax & Export Control

KPMG services for indirect taxes and export controls.

KPMG services for indirect taxes and export controls.

Processes, Technology
What is the contribution of the indirect tax function to the business? Effective processes can be benchmarked against best practice. We assist with customization of existing technology and manage interfaces.

Data Analytics
Transactional Indirect Tax data provides valuable insight. Data analytics can produce cash value, improve working capital and disclose risks.

Consulting & Controversy
Industry sector specifics require specialized expertise for (indirect) tax departments, the Executive Committee (CFO, COO, CIO, CEO) and the Board of Directors. To plan ahead and to defend before Authorities and Courts.

Global real time visibility and control, return filing, compliance
Different stakeholders require visibility and control over tax return filing and the compliance of processes and content.

Accurate customs processes and procedures are a prerequisite for carrying on business with suppliers and customers across borders. Accurate customs valuation is a prerequisite for sustainable business.

Free Trade Agreements, Calculation of preferential origin
The flow of materials and products is steered through the network of Free-Trade-Agreements (FTA). The benefits include preferential duty rates and other reliefs for accessing markets.

Export Control
The export control function of a business is located throughout the organization: Legal, Procurement, Human Resources, Research & Development, Technology, Sales, no name a few. It’s critical to avoid business interruption.

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New Swiss VAT Law

Eliminating the competitive disadvantage of Swiss companies as of 2018 with the new Swiss VAT law.

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VAT Reform

VAT Reform

In light of the Swiss VAT Reform, multinational companies face the risk of non-compliance.

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