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Trade & Customs

Services that help companies keep pace with today's complex trade regulations—while making the most of global opportunities.

Keep pace with today's complex trade regulations.

In today’s global business environment, establishing or maintaining cross-border operations remains an enormous challenge.

Your goal is to keep costs down and maintain your company’s strategic and competitive advantage while ensuring compliance with international regulations and national laws associated with import-export operations.

KPMG's goal is to help you do it!

KPMG's Trade & Customs Services professionals are a team of experienced international trade and customs experts with diverse capabilities and backgrounds. Coming both from the private and public sector including former industry practitioners and Customs and Trade officials, they have professional trade and customs experience in a wide range of countries. These include aside from Switzerland, the EU, Africa, Middle East, South America, and Asia (with a focus on ASEAN and India).

The broad network and experiences of the experts in various jurisdictions backed by the KPMG network ensures a reliable and comprehensive approach to our Trade & Customs consulting work.

KPMG's expertise

Given the international nature of Trade & Customs issues involving various countries, KPMG strongly believes in providing an international and holistic perspective for your business. KPMG Trade & Customs can help you realize the benefits of cross-border trade by developing:

  • A global trade strategy that takes advantage of Free Trade Agreements and other import facilitation schemes that is aligned to your tax, supply chain and overall business goals
  • A trade compliance infrastructure that meets increasingly complex global trade requirements, including local laws and customs regulations
  • Standardized, automated global trade processes that reduce trade costs and move goods faster, cheaper and with less risk.


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