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Public Sector

KPMG’s Luxembourgish-speaking teams support the Public Sector by focusing on quality, efficiency and effectiveness

KPMG’s Luxembourgish-speaking teams support the Public Sector by focusing on quality,...

More than ever, our public and para-public institutions, government-owned companies and European institutions face the effects of unprecedented change, new challenges and complex issues. The modernization of the public sphere remains a fundamental challenge.

Topics such as the optimal use and the sustainability of public funds, eroding but also new revenue sources, nation branding, digitalisation, the environmental but also demographic changes, the continuous improvement of the performance and quality of services to citizens as well as the need for greater transparency and administrative simplification but also flexibility to adapt to new disruptive technologies and services are ever more relevant.


How KPMG can help

KPMG Luxembourg’s local, Luxembourgish-speaking and multidisciplinary Public Sector team is composed of over 20 people. Whatever the challenges and the opportunities, we are ready to bring in our knowledge, spirit of innovation and experience. Our public sector practice works to deliver meaningful results through a deep understanding of local issues, an intimate appreciation of how the public sector in Luxembourg works and local insight into the cultural, social and political environment.


Specific Services for the Public Sector

  • Public Tenders: We have a deep know-how in the public tender processes. We assist the Public Sector by providing Project Management services, elaborating the public tender files, evaluating the candidates and the offers, and helping with the final selection process.
  • Public Performance Audit: We perform independent assessment and evaluation of government undertakings and organizations, covering three aspects: efficiency, effectiveness and economy.
  • European Funds: We deliver targeted services for authorities in charge of European funds management or for co-financed beneficiaries, i.e. : assessment of the functioning of management and control systems, audits of operations or projects, certification audits, support for application elaboration for co-financed projects, support for designation procedure of authorities in charge, etc.
  • Project Management: We provide Program and Project Management services across multiple topics such as system selection and implementation, public tenders, process improvement projects, etc. Our resources are highly qualified and certified in project management methodologies, such as Quapital-Hermes or Prince2.
  • Data security and protection: Our objective is to provide public institutions and administrations with services that can be integrated into the overall governance framework of the State.
    • Data Privacy: We help institutions and administrations to prepare for and implement the new upcoming “General data protection regulation”. (Replacing the current law of 2002). As institutions and administrations are typically processing large amounts of personal data we help to identify gaps, on conducting (mandatory) PIA (Privacy Impact Assessments) or help to set up the DPO (Data Privacy Officer). Furthermore, we assist to set up, submit, follow up or assess requests for processing of personal data towards the regulator.
    • Paperless Office: We help institutions and administrations to modernise current work processes to move towards the paperless office. Our support goes from Document Management / Case management implementation to process optimization according to Six Sigma or Prometa methodologies.
    • Risk management: Strong efforts are being made to position Luxembourg as “best in class” country in terms of security – Trusted party (Digital Trust). Risk Management plays a crucial role to move towards this common target. We help to assess, implement or run a Risk Management Framework that allows our clients to identify threats early and take appropriate measures based on a systematic approach.
    • IT Audit reviews

General Services for the Public Sector

  • Financial Management
    • Cost Management
    • Cost Accounting
  • People & Change
    • Job grading
    • Competency management
    • Change Management
  • IT Advisory
    • IT strategy
    • System Selection and Implementation
  • Customer & Operations
    • Strategy definition
    • Procurement
    • Process Management and Improvement
  • Assurance Services
    • Financial audit
    • Attestations
    • Agreed-upon procedures

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