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Strategy & Operations

Strategy & Operations

Increasing the value and operational efficiency of clients' business is the main objective of the Strategy & Operations Group.

Our up-to-date industry expertise, proven methodologies and operational experience allow us to provide the highest quality services to the clients. For implementation of strategy consulting projects we attract both the best local KPMG specialists and international experts with long standing experience in relevant industries.

Our team is ready to act as a reliable partner throughout the entire process of strategic and operational planning, starting from the definition of the mission and vision, opportunities for growth of the business, identification of a business model most suitable for your needs, development / updating of the strategy followed by ways to increasing operational efficiency, including elaboration of the new organizational structure, business process optimization, development of key performance indicators and implementation of the strategic road map.
When working with our clients, we take into account the interests and current capabilities of the company, which allows us to offer relevant and applicable recommendations.

The list of our clients in Kazakhstan includes major companies in finance, power & utilities, oil and gas, real estate, education and public sectors. Our KPMG Global network allows us to get access to expertise in all key sectors of the economy.

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