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KPMG in Canada works with major organizations in a variety of energy related sectors to respond to business issues and trends.

We work with entities in energy related sectors to respond to business issues and trends.

Energy industry participants need to remain adaptive and flexible to help maximize value from operations and enhance competitive advantage  in a constantly disruptive global market.

That's where KPMG can help. We assist companies in responding quickly to industry trends and business issues.

KPMG’s energy practice is an multi-disciplinary team of financial, engineering, project management, supply chain and procurement professionals that understand the demanding economic environment and ever-changing regulatory requirements. This helps us to develop high quality services, approaches, and innovative thinking that can provide practical strategies to help achieve stronger financial and operating results.


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The North American electric utility industry is undergoing significant change.

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Oil & gas – Implementing IFRS 15

The impact of IFRS 15 on oil and gas companies and actions to consider

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