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Energy Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure

KPMG’s infrastructure advisory team provides support for energy clients both locally and globally.

KPMG’s infrastructure advisory team provides support to energy clients locally & globally

KPMG Global Infrastructure Visualization

Welcome to the era of Visualization in infrastructure.

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Capital construction projects represent the single largest expenditure in the energy business and are very demanding and complex. Success in infrastructure projects requires the appropriate project structures, policies, processes and systems be in place. They must also be supported by the required level of oversight and control to avoid the many risks inherent in the project lifecycle and ensure they deliver value to the business. At KPMG, this is what we thrive on.

KPMG helps clients by providing insight into good governance practices and project related challenges.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of the foremost infrastructure practitioners with deep experience operating across all stages of the lifecycle of infrastructure assets in oil and gas, power and utilities and mining. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to solve the most daunting infrastructure challenges of our time.


Putting the customer at the heart of asset management

Kevin Young, Managing Director, Sydney Water on customer centricity and asset management.

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Spotlight: A new era of asset delivery

India’s government is striving to achieve some massive electrification objectives.

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The power of social license

Gaining and maintaining a social license for infrastructure projects is a tricky thing.

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Infrastructure and social media

Social media is far more than an interesting development; it is a massive opportunity.

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