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Oil & Gas

KPMG in Canada works with Oil & Gas exploration and production companies of all sizes to respond to business issues and trends.

We work with Oil & Gas entities of all sizes to respond to business issues and trends.

Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA)

The time is now to assess all of the ESTMA reporting requirements for your company.

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It’s clear that oil and gas companies are facing one of their most challenging times. For many of these organizations, a key to adapting will be finding an informed perspective that can help them position themselves for what the future may bring.

That's where KPMG can help. We assist companies in responding quickly to industry trends and business issues.

KPMG’s team of financial, engineering, project management, supply chain and procurement professionals adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the demanding economic environment and ever-changing regulatory requirements that oil and gas companies are facing, in Canada, and globally. This enables us to develop high quality services, approaches, and innovative thinking that specifically address the obstacles and issues within the industry and helps achieve stronger financial and operating results.


Accounting and tax financial reporting update

Quarterly webcasts focus on financial reporting updates that may impact your organization.

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Oil & gas – Implementing IFRS 15

The impact of IFRS 15 on oil and gas companies and actions to consider

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Market Update: Oil & Gas

Monthly report focusing on the trends and price volatility facing the O&G sector.

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Energy Centers of Excellence

Supporting clients with some of the best industry knowledge from around the world.

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