Specialized Desks

Specialized Desks

KPMG's specialised desks or practices are multidisciplinary teams with a special focus delivering high quality services.

Multidisciplinary teams with a special focus delivering high quality services.

We have a sound understanding of the specific and relevant markets and a dedicated team of professionals serving our clients’ needs.

As a member of a global network, we successfully mix an understanding of international best practices and insightful local market knowledge to provide our clients what they need.

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KPMG’s China Practice in Belgium

The China Practice can open the door for Chinese clients to a European and global network.

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Belgium-Holland Desk

The Belgium-Holland Desk draws on specific knowledge of the implications of the tax relationship between Belgium and Holland

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Specialised Desks Contacts

KPMG Eurometropool/Eurométropole

One-stop-shop for Franco Belgian business.

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EU Services

EU Services in Brussels is the main contact point for EU audit, tax & advisory

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German Desk

The German Desk has specific knowledge of the tax implications in Belgium and Germany.

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Global Japanese Practice

KPMG’s Global Japanese Practice is dedicated to serving Japanese businesses worldwide

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