Tax Technology & Innovation

Tax Technology & Innovation

KPMG's Tax Technology & Innovation Group helps automate tax processes to free-up tax department resources for value added activities.

KPMG's Tax Technology & Innovation Group helps automate tax processes for efficiency.

Organisations are looking for more efficient and cost effective ways to manage tax processes, and harnessing tax data is a key way to achieve this.

KPMG's Tax Technology & Innovation Group includes professionals dedicated to automating tax processes to free-up tax department resources for value added activities in addition to turning data into value through analytical tools. We have developed a number of tax technology tools – stand alone and integrated approaches.

We go beyond the data and through the use of advanced analytic techniques, we can help you unlock tax and transaction data to add value to your business. You’ll gain deeper insights into your business. You could uncover unexpected advantages – from optimising supply chain, gaining competitive advantage to improving customer relationships to name a few. We can transform your data and knowledge into value through our comprehensive data analytics offerings.

Tax technology has many benefits including cost reduction through improved processes and controls and efficient working practices, better cash flow thanks to improved visibility, automated reporting and proactive management, and a reduced tax risk profile and transparent audit trail. Better reporting can also be achieved due to appropriate systems and process documentation with flexible reporting functionality.

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Employee Share Scheme Reporter

ESS Reporter automates the complex calculation of ESS income.

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Capital Allowances Data Analytics

KPMG’s CADA uses data analytics software to highlight potential tax risks/opportunities.

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Automating GST apportionment

Our factsheet explores how we can help automate GST apportionment with KPMG.

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A paper exploring the continued global shift toward indirect tax.

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Tax Intelligence Solution: Turning GST data into value

KPMG's Tax Intelligence Solution can help you leverage data to identify irregularities.

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