Tax Technology & Innovation

Tax Technology & Innovation

KPMG's Tax Technology & Innovation Group helps automate tax processes to free-up tax department resources for value added activities.

KPMG's Tax Technology & Innovation Group helps automate tax processes for efficiency.

Globalisation, regulatory changes, new technologies and evolving finance functions are disrupting the industry, but at the same time are creating new opportunities to drive growth.

KPMG’s Tax Technology & Innovation team develops solutions that help tax leaders and their departments respond quickly to regulatory change, reduce costs, facilitate streamlined processes, transform data into broader commercial insight and enable effective collaboration across the tax department and beyond.

Our suite of digital solutions, powered by the expertise of our industry-leading tax practice, form an integrated approach to enhancing the tax function end-to-end and will help you develop a high-performance tax function ready for the future.

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Employee Share Scheme Reporter

ESS Reporter automates the complex calculation of ESS income.

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Global Tax Technology Catalyst

KPMG Global Tax Technology Catalyst events are a chance to experience latest technologies.

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Indirect tax compliance: Go beyond the data

A paper exploring the continued global shift toward indirect tax.

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Tax Intelligence Solution: Turning GST data into value

KPMG's Tax Intelligence Solution can help you leverage data to identify irregularities.

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