Tax Compliance – Delivery & Data Excellence

Tax Compliance – Delivery & Data Excellence

KPMG’s Tax Compliance – Delivery and Data Excellence service helps you achieve cost-efficiencies and gain better process control and visibility.

KPMG Tax Compliance helps with costs, process control and visibility.

Managing tax and statutory compliance in today’s economic and regulatory environment is no easy task. Rapid globalisation, new developments in tax laws and increased demands from the Australian Taxation Office and other revenue authorities for greater transparency and cooperation are all increasing the burden on tax and finance departments.

Given these challenges, it’s not surprising that tax and finance departments often spend a disproportionate amount of time on compliance activities, rather than focusing on higher value activities such as strategic tax planning, risk management and closer integration with the rest of the business. As a result, many companies are looking for more consistent, more efficient and more cost effective ways to meet their compliance obligations locally and for some on a world-wide basis.

Organisations can, at a minimum, capitalise on the economies of scale, specialised labour and the application of industry best practices (assuring processes are aligned with current regulatory demands) available through an external service provider.

KPMG’s Tax Compliance – Delivery & Data Excellence service is specifically designed to help you achieve cost-efficiencies and gain better process control and visibility. We can help ensure you not only stay compliant but that you gain long-term value and reduce risk by getting the most out of your transaction data.

We go beyond and through the use of advanced analytic techniques, we can help you unlock data to add value to your business. Organisations can gain deeper insights into their businesses. You could uncover unexpected advantages – from optimising supply chain, gaining competitive advantage to improving customer relationships.

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