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KPMG Acuity – Market Insights

KPMG Acuity – Market Insights

KPMG Acuity provides a full suite of insights and marketing research services.

KPMG Acuity provides a full suite of insights and marketing research services.

The Acuity Research & Insights business, one of Australia’s leading boutique insights consultancies, was acquired by KPMG in June 2017.

KPMG Acuity provides a full suite of insights and marketing research services, with particular expertise in customer experience; satisfaction and advocacy; customer, stakeholder and corporate strategy and communications; employee engagement; and community attitudes, behaviours and understanding.

Designing bespoke insights and research service solutions for every project, KPMG Acuity is experienced in a broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative research techniques including consumer focus groups and discussions, community/shareholder/investor consultations, ethnography, online forums, online/CATI /face-to-face survey methodologies and advanced quantitative statistical analysis.

Our people have in depth experience beyond providing research and advice to clients. They work with their organisations to deliver improved results.  Together, KPMG Acuity can provide organisations with an enhanced understanding of who their customers are, how they want to be engaged, their expectations and motivations. We start with seeing issues from your customers’ perspectives.

Core areas of research expertise includes:

  • Customer experience, satisfaction, advocacy and loyalty assessments & tracking
  • Brand health, advertising development and effectiveness measurements & tools
  • Corporate, shareholder and stakeholder communications strategy development & assessment
  • KPI development and monitoring
  • Employee engagement and communications feedback
  • Studies into community attitudes, behaviours and understanding
  • Market and customer segmentations, usage and attitude research.

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