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October 2018

31 Oct - EU: 2019 version of Combined Nomenclature (CN)

31 Oct - EU and Japan: Simplification of certificates of origin

26 Oct - Costa Rica: Free trade zone, changes to regulation

25 Oct - Serbia: Amendments to Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)

23 Oct - U.S. final rule: Wassenaar Arrangement for dual-use goods and technologies

17 Oct - Assessing how “Brexit” could affect supply chains, warehouses

17 Oct - EU-Vietnam trade agreement

16 Oct - U.S. tariffs on imports from China, overlap of Section 301 and MTB provisions

16 Oct - U.S. guidance on claiming tax credits, reduced tax rates (imported spirits, beer, wine)

15 Oct - U.S. investigation to assess trade agreement with Mexico and Canada

15 Oct - U.S. trade court orders drawback regulations published by December 2018

12 Oct - United States: Investigations of imported aluminum wire, stainless steel kegs

11 Oct - Canada: Relief relating to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports

11 Oct - U.S. investigation of mattresses imported from China

5 Oct - EU: Registered exporter system (REX), certification of goods under GSP

5 Oct - U.S. bank settles sanctions violations for $5.2 million

5 Oct - United States: ITC report on changes in U.S. exports, imports for 2017

4 Oct - United States: Guidance on procedures, requirements relating to alcohol excise tax

3 Oct - U.S. revisions to ITAR requirements and USML entries

3 Oct - United States: Forged steel fittings imported from China, Italy

3 Oct - United States: ITC launches investigation of temporary duty suspensions and reductions

1 Oct - United States: Reminder of CBP user fee changes, effective 1 October 2018

1 Oct - Overview of United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement

September 2018

28 Sep - U.S. proposed modifications to Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

28 Sep - United States: HTSUS update, third list of Chinese products under “Section 301” remedies

27 Sep - U.S. Senate Finance Committee’s hearing, impact of “section 232” tariffs on U.S. automakers

27 Sep - United States: ITC to investigate unmanned aerial vehicle imports (drones)

25 Sep - Panama: Customs transit, customs warehouse, temporary customs warehouse regimes

24 Sep - United States-Korea free trade agreement, negotiation outcomes

24 Sep - United States: Updated electronic document information system for ITC investigations

21 Sep - China: New “retaliatory” customs tariffs on U.S. imports

21 Sep - U.S. Commerce Department cataloging “section 232” product exclusion actions

20 Sep - United States: Publication of USTR notice, increased customs duties on imports from China

20 Sep - United States: Russia-related FAQs, sanctions authorized

20 Sep - Indonesia: Increased import tax rate, over 1,000 goods and products

18 Sep - USTR notice of exclusions for crystalline silicon photovoltaic (CSPV) cells

18 Sep - U.S. ITC determination, stainless steel flanges from India

17 Sep - United States: Chinese imports subject to 10% additional tariffs, scheduled to increase to 25% in 2019

17 Sep - USTR procedures for exclusions of Chinese imports from “Section 301” customs duty

14 Sep - U.S. Commerce Department rules for exclusion request rebuttals, section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum

14 Sep - U.S. trade court denies summary judgment, tariff classification of plastic bags

14 Sep - United States: Miscellaneous tariff bill signed into law

14 Sep - United States: FAQs concerning Ukraine / Russia and general licenses

10 Sep - U.S. Commerce Department’s “interactive” steel trade monitor

10 Sep - China: WCO guide customs valuation and transfer pricing (2018 edition); implications for Chinese entities

7 Sep - Argentina: Temporary export tax, imposed at 12% rate

6 Sep - U.S. duties on imports of aluminum and steel, requests for exclusions

6 Sep - U.S. trade court denies drawback of harbor maintenance tax, merchandise processing fees, environmental taxes

5 Sep - United States: House passes amended miscellaneous tariff bill

5 Sep - United States: Settlement reached in discrimination case, ITAR compliance

4 Sep - U.S. notice of intention for trade agreements with Mexico, Canada

4 Sep - United States-Korea free trade agreement negotiation “outcomes”

August 2018

31 Aug - United States: Investigation of UK trade-related barriers affecting SMEs

31 Aug - United States: Relief from “section 232” customs duties on aluminum, steel imports (presidential proclamations)

27 Aug - United States and Mexico reach preliminary agreement on NAFTA

23 Aug - U.S. drawback claims under “Section 301” for certain imports from China

22 Aug - United States: Antidumping determination, large diameter welded pipe

21 Aug - United States: ITC report on “year in trade” for 2017

21 Aug - United States: Russian entities, persons violate North Korean-related and cyber-related sanctions

21 Aug - United States: USTR hearing on Chinese imports; Turkey files WTO complaint

20 Aug - China: Revised system for HS customs codes

20 Aug - United States: CBP blockchain testing for “certificate of origin” verification

17 Aug - Chile: Customs allows transfer pricing valuation, as established by APAs

17 Aug - India: Simplified processing of AEO-T1 applications

16 Aug - United States: Chinese imports subject to additional 25% tariff (Federal Register publication)

16 Aug - United States: OFAC “designations” of companies, individual for facilitating North Korean shipments

16 Aug - U.S. Federal Circuit: Customs classification of compression hosiery upheld

15 Aug - U.S. import restrictions on fish from Mexico

15 Aug - U.S. review of Turkey, under Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

15 Aug - U.S. Treasury, CBP interim final rule; alcohol excise tax refunds

14 Aug - U.S. investigations, stainless steel flanges imported from India

13 Aug - United States: Additional duty (50%) on steel imports from Turkey under “section 232”

13 Aug - United States: Request for comments, controls on spraying or fogging systems

10 Aug - United States to increase tariffs on steel, aluminum imports from Turkey

10 Aug - United States: GSP-eligibility review of Turkey

10 Aug - U.S. duty-free program, too few incentives for Dominican Republic

10 Aug - U.S. sanctions against Russia, responding to Russia’s use of “Novichok” nerve agent

9 Aug - China: Customs tariffs, reaction to second round of U.S. additional tariffs

9 Aug - U.S. countervailing duty investigation, preliminary determination; laminated woven sacks from Vietnam

8 Aug - NAFTA re-negotiations update (August 2018)

7 Aug - United States: Second list of Chinese products released, “Section 301” tariffs

7 Aug - China: Additional customs tariffs proposed for U.S. imports

7 Aug - EU: Updated “blocking statute” supporting Iran nuclear deal, effective 7 August 2018

7 Aug - U.S. final rule eases restrictions on defense exports to India

6 Aug - India: Retaliatory tariffs on U.S. imports, delayed application

6 Aug - U.S. Federal Circuit affirms trade court, tariff classification of LED candles

6 Aug - U.S. guidance on trade sanctions being reimposed on Iran

3 Aug - India: Extended deadline for retaliatory tariffs on U.S. imports

3 Aug - United States: Revised schedule for hearing, comments on “Section 301” tariffs on Chinese imports

2 Aug - United States: Potential 25% tariffs on Chinese imports under Section 301

1 Aug - United States: CBP user fee changes, effective 1 October 2018

July 2018

31 Jul - United States: Updated Ukraine- / Russia-related general license

30 Jul - U.S. guidelines on civil penalties (imposition, mitigation) for noncompliance with foreign trade regulations

27 Jul - U.S. proposed rules: Changes to CBP drawback regulations

24 Jul - United States: Relief for U.S. farmers, ranchers affected by trade retaliation

23 Jul - United States: Hearings on proposed Section 301 tariff list, Chinese imports

23 Jul - United States: North Korea supply chain advisory

19 Jul - Serbia: VAT amendments, customs duties on imported equipment

18 Jul - EU: Tariff measures to address “trade diversion” of steel imports

18 Jul - United States: CBP test data relating to “section 232” product exclusions of steel, aluminum imports

16 Jul - United States: USTR challenges five WTO members imposing retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products

16 Jul - USTR notice: List of Chinese imports for possible 10% tariff

11 Jul - U.S. proposes 10% tariffs on additional $200 billion of Chinese imports

10 Jul - China: Customs policy update, summary of developments for June 2018

10 Jul - Japan: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “comprehensive progressive agreement” ratification completed

10 Jul - South Africa: Special economic zones designated, tax benefits in 2018

9 Jul - U.S. process for excluding Chinese products from “Section 301” tariff

9 Jul - Trade and customs monthly summary and updates (July 2018)

6 Jul - CBP clarifies additional customs duties on steel, aluminum for foreign trade zones

3 Jul - EU: GSP statements of origin, registered exporters

3 Jul - U.S. updated filing requirements, drawbacks; “Section 301” additional tariffs on imports from China

3 Jul - U.S. proposals for customs duties, motor vehicles imported from South Korea

2 Jul - Canada: List of U.S. products, subject to additional customs tariffs

June 2018

29 Jun - U.S. report of textile, apparel imports from China

28 Jun - U.S. additional customs duties effective 6 July, Chinese goods covered by “Section 301” action

28 Jun - U.S. regulations revised; trade, licenses with “blocked persons”

28 Jun - United States: Refunds of excise tax on imported beer, wine, distilled spirits (pursuant to new tax law)

27 Jun - United States: Revocation of Iran-related general licenses; updated FAQs issued

27 Jun - USTR statement on retaliatory duties

26 Jun - EU: Report of trade barrier removals in 2017, response to surge in protectionism

25 Jun - Turkey: Additional customs duties on imports from United States (response to U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum)

25 Jun - Ireland: AEO may mitigate customs clearance and tariff requirements as “Brexit” process continues

25 Jun - U.S. trade court: Tires produced in Indian SEZ, EOU facilities; countervailable benefits sustained

22 Jun - EU: Reminder, extra customs duties U.S. imports beginning 22 June; UK publishes list of U.S. products

20 Jun - EU: Additional customs duty, reaction to U.S. steel, aluminum tariffs

19 Jun - United States: Comments requested on 25% customs duty on imports from China; additional 10% customs duty being weighed

18 Jun - China: Additional 25% tariff on imports from United States

15 Jun - U.S. tariffs on Chinese products, results of Section 301 investigation

15 Jun - U.S. notice on WTO proceedings regarding India

14 Jun - Japan: Update on status of Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement

8 Jun - EU: Customs program to foster cooperation among customs authorities

6 Jun - Mexico: Tariffs on U.S. goods, response to steel, aluminum tariffs

6 Jun - EU: European Commission endorses additional customs duties on U.S. products

5 Jun - U.S. presidential proclamations, tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from Argentina, Australia, Brazil

1 Jun - Canada: Surtaxes in response to U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum

1 Jun - China: “Most favored nation” customs duty rate reductions, for consumer goods

May 2018

31 May - U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum imports from Mexico, Canada, EU

31 May - Canada: Prevention of transshipment of steel, aluminum products

31 May - EU reaction to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum

30 May - China: Reduced import tariffs on automobiles, automotive parts

30 May - U.S. Senate Finance Committee addresses imported counterfeit goods

29 May - United States: 25% tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports

29 May - U.S. investigation of imports of automobiles, request for comments

24 May - U.S. Commerce launches investigation of imported automobiles

23 May - ITC investigation, possible modifications to U.S. Generalized System of Preferences

22 May - Reminder: U.S. entities to report defense-related contract information by 15 June 2018

22 May - U.S. general licenses; Ukraine, Russia-related transactions and FAQs

21 May - United States: CBP guidelines, tariff exclusion declarations for steel and aluminum imports

21 May - United States: Proposed rule changes, U.S. Munitions List

21 May - Turkey: General tax amnesty also applies for customs duties

18 May - Colombia: Changes to “free zone” regime rules

15 May - USTR hearings on proposed Section 301 tariffs, Chinese goods

14 May - USTR statement on NAFTA re-negotiations

14 May - Trade and customs monthly summary and updates (May 2018)

10 May - India: “Inland container depots” are “inland ports,” tax benefits

8 May - China: Implications of U.S. trade conflict for importers, exporters

8 May - United States: Actions concerning sanctions on Iran

4 May - Australia: Update on trusted trader program

4 May - United States: CBP adjustments, steel and aluminum imports

3 May - New Zealand: Proposal for GST on “low-value” imports

2 May - United States publishes new licenses related to Ukraine, Russia

1 May - United States: Tariff exemptions, steel and aluminum imports extended until 1 June

April 2018

30 Apr - Customs cooperation agreement between EU and New Zealand enters into force

30 Apr - U.S. notices relating to tariffs on steel and aluminum imports

27 Apr - United States: USTR “special 301 report” on intellectual property (IP) rights

25 Apr - Federal Circuit: Country of origin, unfinished OCTG fabricated in China and finished in other countries

23 Apr - EU and Mexico reach new trade agreement

23 Apr - U.S. Treasury, FAQs on Ukraine-related, Russia-related general licenses

19 Apr - U.S. Senate Finance leaders request improvements to exclusion process for section 232 tariffs on steel, aluminum

18 Apr - United States: CBP to accept GSP duty-free claims, process refunds

17 Apr - New Zealand: Post-import adjustments in pending customs legislation

17 Apr - Trade and customs monthly summary and updates (April 2018)

12 Apr - EU: EC investigation to prevent “trade diversion” of steel products

12 Apr - United States considers changes to free trade agreement with Korea concerning customs duties on motor vehicles

11 Apr - United States: Expanded definition of “importer security filing” importer in final rule

10 Apr - China requests WTO consultations against U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum

5 Apr - United States weighs additional tariffs against imports from China

5 Apr - China files WTO complaint over U.S. tariff actions

5 Apr - UK: Update on Brexit negotiations; tax and customs implications

4 Apr - United States: Proposed list of imports from China for additional U.S. tariffs; reaction from China

3 Apr - China: List of U.S. imports subject to new tariffs

3 Apr - U.S. Federal Circuit: Imports with cultural ritual uses, duty-free treatment denied for holiday dinnerware

3 Apr - United States: Petitions for annual review under GSP program due 16 April 2018

2 Apr - China: New tariffs on imports from the United States

March 2018

30 Mar - U.S. suspension of duty-free treatment, apparel sector for Rwanda

30 Mar - U.S. trade promotion authority, update

28 Mar - U.S. trade agreement with South Korea

28 Mar - NAFTA re-negotiations update, seventh round

27 Mar - U.S. presidential proclamations: List of countries exempt from tariffs on aluminum, steel imports

26 Mar - China: New tariffs proposed on imports from the United States; response to U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum

26 Mar - India: APA authorities accept customs valuation as arm’s length price for transfer pricing purposes

26 Mar - NAFTA and implications of tariffs on steel and aluminum

26 Mar - U.S. investigations of programmable logic controllers, silicon metal

23 Mar - U.S. Congress renews Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

22 Mar - Trump proposes tariffs on Chinese goods

21 Mar - Spain: Retroactive transfer pricing adjustments, considerations for customs valuation purposes

20 Mar - Panama: Overview of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program

20 Mar - U.S. appeals court: Tariff classification of imported screws

20 Mar - U.S. customs automation program (eBond test) is extended

19 Mar - Trade and customs monthly summary and updates (March 2018)

19 Mar - U.S. Commerce: Imports of steel, aluminum subject to tariffs; exclusion requests

16 Mar - UK: EU infringement proceedings against the UK on customs duties and VAT

16 Mar - United States: Aluminum foil imported from China, rubber bands from China, Thailand subject to U.S. investigations

15 Mar - EU: Interactive e-books on customs and taxation

13 Mar - U.S. investigations of multi-domain instruments, video equipment, light engines

12 Mar - EU: Toys and automobiles top list of dangerous products detected

9 Mar - China: Customs policy update, summary of developments for February 2018

9 Mar - New Zealand: Provisional value system for imports, new customs law expected by October 2018

8 Mar - President Trump signs executive orders, tariffs on steel and aluminum imports

7 Mar - U.S. trade court: HTSUS classification of toilet paper holders

6 Mar - EU: Economic operators registration and identification number

5 Mar - U.S. investigation continues, imported large diameter welded pipe

5 Mar - EU: Customs electronic systems update

2 Mar - Australia: FAQs about goods and services tax (GST) on low-value imported goods, effective July 2018

August 2017

30 Aug - EU: Export controls, sanctions regarding trade with Russia, Iran, Venezuela

30 Aug - U.S. Commerce delays final determinations, Canadian softwood lumber investigations

29 Aug - Modification of Category XI (military electronics), United States Munitions List

28 Aug - U.S. foreign trade zones, recommendations in GAO report

25 Aug - U.S. Treasury’s issuance of Venezuela-related general licenses

24 Aug - Singapore company settles violations of Iranian transactions and sanctions

24 Aug - U.S. trade court: Components of imported cookware sets, preferential tariff treatment under GSP

23 Aug - USTR investigation, hearing, request for comments on Chinese technology transfer, intellectual property, and innovation

22 Aug - Request for comments on “Buy American” program

22 Aug - China: Implications of WCO advisory opinion, royalties and license fees

22 Aug - Free trade agreement between United States and Korea, discussions on modifications

21 Aug - UK: Customs considerations in light of “Brexit”

18 Aug - Singapore: “Global trader programme” expanded, concessionary income tax rates

18 Aug - U.S. company settles violations of Iranian transactions and sanctions

18 Aug - U.S. trade court: Claims of “tariff engineering” on imports of motor vehicles

17 Aug - NAFTA re-negotiations, initial impressions

16 Aug - NAFTA re-negotiations begin

16 Aug - China: Customs policy update, other developments for July 2017

15 Aug - U.S. national emergency continued, export control regulations

15 Aug - U.S. test program, foreign trade zone electronic admission applications

14 Aug - United States: Revised CCL list, dual-use goods and technologies

11 Aug - CBP expands ACE export manifest tests for air, rail, and vessel cargo

10 Aug - China: Customs clearance integration regime, launched on nationwide basis

10 Aug - U.S. company settles Iranian sanctions violations

2 Aug - U.S. trade court: Tariff classification of “LED candles”

July 2017

31 Jul - EU: Update on trade agreement (CETA) with Canada

27 Jul - U.S. administration and congressional Republican leaders' statement on tax reform; no border adjustability provision

27 Jul - Singapore company settles U.S. civil penalties, Iran sanction violations

25 Jul - U.S. policy on trade with Cuba; updated FAQs

25 Jul - U.S. trade court: Proper classification of gum base; not “food preparation”

24 Jul - U.S. trade meeting with UK representatives, ahead of “Brexit”

21 Jul - CBP air cargo advance screening program, extended additional year

20 Jul - U.S. oil company assessed $2 million penalty, Ukraine sanctions violations

20 Jul - EU: Over 41 million counterfeit goods seized during 2016

19 Jul - First round of NAFTA negotiations scheduled for August 2017

19 Jul - EU: Exchange of customs-related information with third countries, consultation

18 Jul - Federal Circuit: Tariff classification for storage unit components

18 Jul - China: Customs policy for June 2017; other selected country updates

18 Jul - NAFTA update: Ways and Means subcommittee hearing; USTR releases negotiating objectives

14 Jul - Japan: Agreement with EU would remove, reduce customs tariffs 

14 Jul - Proposed customs user fees and limitations, adjusted for inflation

12 Jul - Australia: Country of origin labelling requirements, sale of goods in Australia

12 Jul - Canada: Tariff relief under trade agreement with EU; generally effective 21 September 2017

12 Jul - CBP final rule: Updated data requirements on cargo exports

12 Jul - Sudan sanctions, FAQs extended review period until October 12

11 Jul - U.S. Trade court: No pre-importation review; irreparable harm not established

11 Jul - Myanmar: Foreign entities may trade in seeds, herbicides, medical equipment, construction materials; joint ventures no longer required

11 Jul - Netherlands: Potential trade, customs implications of “Brexit” on Dutch businesses

10 Jul - UK: Implications of Brexit negotiations; critical for retailers to understand supply chains at granular level

5 Jul - EU: Customs cooperation agreement with New Zealand

5 Jul - Japan: Retroactive transfer price adjustments, from customs valuation perspective

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