This site offers a comprehensive collection of resources, webcasts, explanations and news related to BEPS and its impact on multinational organizations worldwide. Check back often for the latest updates.

BEPS Video: Actions, impact and the call for transparency

BEPS Video: Actions, impact and the call for transparency

In this video, leaders from across the global BEPS network discuss BEPS developments and how tax leaders can help their organizations understand and adapt to the changing legislation ahead.

Global FS view on BEPS - latest developments for financial services

Our international panel shared their latest market insights as to what BEPS means for financial services and the practical measures that banking institutions, insurers and asset managers need to consider now, as well as the areas that need to be addressed in the very near future.

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BEPS Action 13 - Latest country implementation

Response to Action 13, including implementation of country-by-country reporting.

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TaxNewsFlash-BEPS — KPMG's reports about OECD's BEPS initiative and tax transparency

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OECD BEPS action plan - legal counsel

BEPS action plan - keeping legal counsel in the loop.

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OECD BEPS action plan: "Taking the pulse" series

These reports look at how BEPS-related tax policy is evolving in various regions, recent trends in the area, new challenges and opportunities and how tax directors of international companies are responding.

BEPS – Moving from talk to action in the Americas

A report on how BEPS-related tax policy is evolving across the Americas region.

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OECD BEPS Action Plan - Taking the pulse in Europe

Survey of participation and action by European countries

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OECD BEPS - Taking the pulse in the Asia Pacific region

Exploring the way the Asia Pacific region is responding to the OECD Action Plan on BEPS.

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