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Forensic Technology Services

Forensic Technology Services

Enabling clients to rapidly respond to data needs in disputes, investigations, and regulatory and internal reviews.

Enabling clients to rapidly respond to data needs.

Do you suspect one of your employees is using company equipment inappropriately? Do you need to find out what has happened and mitigate subsequent reputational damage or commercial loss? KPMG can assist to make sure you have identified and preserved all relevant electronic data and this data has been handled in compliance with regulatory or legal requirements. We can investigate the matter and provide clear and concise reporting and feedback.

Do you need to review and potentially disclose large amounts of data quickly and efficiently? KPMG provides end-to-end data management expertise and technology to help clients to review and investigate their data. We work with you to ensure the potentially relevant data is collected, providing practical and pragmatic solutions to reduce the data set to a more manageable size, and making this data available to you for review.

Is your company involved in demergers or acquisitions or do you have a need to hive off data such as IP or Commercially Sensitive Information (“CSI”) of a particular business area?  We have designed and deployed a number of bespoke workflows and technology within client sites in order to identify this IP/CSI to cleanly carve out data in a manner which limits impact on the business operations and user applications.


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