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Navigating Brexit

KPMG is helping organisations across the world respond to this unprecedented change as the UK prepares to leave the European Union.

Explore these pages to access expert analysis, opinion and guidance, so you not only mitigate the effects of Brexit but use it as a catalyst to reset your future.

Brexit this week

UK respondents who think prices will rise with a ‘No Deal’ Brexit


KPMG UK consumer poll 2018

The percentage of respondents who say they would change their consumer behaviour with a ‘No Deal’ scenario


KPMG UK consumer poll 2018

The Brexit Column

Visibility is poor but the challenges are clear

The UK needs a ‘friction-light’ Brexit just to grow 1.4% next year. But Yael Selfin says that better productivity is the forgotten key to higher growth.

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What the public think about a no-deal Brexit is a very big deal economically. If people believe a no-deal Brexit is likely, confidence will take a knock and along with it, spending.

James Stewart, Head of Brexit at KPMG in the UK

Brexit Insights

Each section below connects you to perspectives and practical suggestions from KPMG subject matter and industry experts. Read our latest selection of insights by expanding the categories of most interest to you below.

Supply chain, trade & customs

Look under the surface

Indirect Brexit impacts on your business could be costly and brand-damaging. Paul Crayford sets out the risks – and opportunities – for suppliers.

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Working capital: Strengthening your Brexit supply chain

Not having the right stock in the right place after Brexit could leave your working capital working overtime. Here’s how to beat a cash drain.

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8 ways to strengthen your Brexit supply chain

Supply chain planners can’t know what post-Brexit trade looks like, but have to plan for it anyway. Andrew Underwood and Brian Connell outline the eight things they should consider.

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The Brexit effect on EU nationals

We asked thousands of EU nationals in the UK and Europe how Brexit would change their futures? See what they told us, and what that means for UK employers.

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Your post-Brexit team: a force for the future?

Securing your pipeline of world–class talent calls for careful planning – and plenty of imagination – says Tim Payne, Head of People and Change.

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Don’t let your talent drift away

How do you hold onto your EU workforce? Be practical, personal and prepared, says Punam Birly, Brexit People & Immigration Lead.

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Keep your finance flowing

Companies should keep preparing for Brexit and in doing so consider the wider impact it could have on their financing and hedging, says Joe Cassidy.

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Building abroad

Whether you create a branch or subsidiary in the EU largely depends on the sector you operate in, says Tim Sarson, KPMG's value chain management expert.

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View your business through a Brexit lens

As the Brexit countdown gets louder, it’s time to ensure your governance structure is fit for purpose – and ready to rocket-fuel your growth – says Katie Clinton, UK Head of Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance services.

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KPMG Brexit FTSE indices: 2017 performance and outlook for 2018

See what effect Brexit has had on the stock market. Every month, KPMG’s bespoke FTSE indices measure investors’ real appetite for UK stocks in the wake of the Brexit vote.

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Rethink manufacturing: A UK strategy for Industry 4.0

Research among UK manufacturers uncovers their highest priorities for a long-term and coherent industrial strategy.

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UK Economic Outlook September 2018

Moderate, occasionally rough. Visibility poor. With Brexit just months away, is the British economy on the verge of an unprecedented peacetime shock?

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February update for EEA firms passporting into the UK

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union will mean an end to passporting rights. Insurers will need to find other means to secure market access.

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Six steps to Brexit–your banking licence

This articles tackles one of the biggest dilemmas in financial services – how do EU and UK banks continue to do business as usual after Brexit?

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Brexit: Impact on asset managers and investment funds

Read our insight paper to understand the implications of Brexit for the asset management and investment funds sector.

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Shock therapy: Can UK life sciences bounce back from Brexit?

Chris Stirling, Global Chair of KPMG Life Sciences, argues that UK pharma should aspire to the Swiss position.

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Managing your customers’ expectations after Brexit

Brand loyalty is all about careful expectations management. That could be crucial after Brexit, says Paul Martin, UK Head of Retail.

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Brexit: Implications for leisure and hospitality

Buoyed by tourist dollars.

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CxO Evolution - Business after Brexit

It's less than a year until the UK leaves the EU. How are businesses preparing? We discuss planning priorities with a number of senior leaders from organisations across the UK.

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International Brexit Boardroom Series – London event

Resetting for the future: A window into the global Brexit conversation.

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Managing Brexit: risk and opportunity

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Commenting on the Spring Statement, Simon Shaw, partner and head of indirect tax at KPMG in the UK said:

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KPMG comments on the Prime Minister’s Brexit speech

Traders of goods will give Theresa May’s speech a cautious welcome.

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UK business wants legal certainty on transition more than ambitious Brexit deal

1 in 5 firms unable to operate as usual in 2019 if no transition deal agreed.

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