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Mobility 2030

Mobility 2030

The future mobility ecosystem will be completely disrupted by technological innovation.

The future mobility ecosystem will be completely disrupted by technological innovation.

How do you think you’ll get to work in 12 years’ time? By bus, train, tube, bike, via your own personal drone, or maybe even teleportation?

At KPMG, we believe that the mobility ecosystem – how people and goods get from A to B – will be fundamentally disrupted by the development of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and Mobility as a Service.

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These technological innovations and changing consumer expectations will impact many sectors who will need to significantly rethink their business models.

In particular, these disruptive forces will reshape the financial services landscape, including insurance, asset and infrastructure finance and payments. For example:

  • How will the insurers adapt their products, propositions and solutions in the future mobility ecosystem where vehicles are not predominantly owned by individuals and new risks emerge across the ecosystem?
  • Who will benefit from the opportunity to finance the new and upgraded electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle infrastructure required to support the ecosystem?
  • Will the desire for hyper-personalised mobility services change the approach of consumers to share personal data with payment and Mobility as a Service providers?

Governments and regulators will face significant decisions and choices around how they incentivise, standardise, regulate and secure the emerging mobility environment.

KPMG is working with global organisations across these sectors to help them to understand the marketplace, and position themselves to take advantages of the huge opportunities ahead. To find out more, please contact Charlie Simpson, Partner in KPMG's Global Strategy Group.

Watch our inaugural Mobility Ecosystem 2030 event video. 

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