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Partnerships and alliances

Partnerships and alliances

Unlock access to leading technology solutions and vendors through KPMG’s network of partnerships and alliances.

Unlock access to leading technology solutions and vendors through KPMG’s network

KPMG’s global network of member firms is identifying, creating and investing into strategic partnerships and alliances that drive innovation in the data and analytics space.

Our partnerships and alliances help organisations tap into the latest technologies, solutions and trends. We recognise that broad collaboration is key to building the D&A ecosystem, so we are joining forces with academics, technology leaders, digital upstarts and think-tanks; to uncover new opportunities, extend our technical capabilities and drive innovation for organisations around the world.

We have partnerships and alliances with:

IBM: We work with IBM to unlock the power of Watson cognitive computing technology and enhance our ability to deliver innovative business services.

Microsoft: By tapping into Microsoft’s Azure, Dynamics and analytics platforms, we are delivering a new suite of innovative solutions and services to our clients.

Imperial College London: The College is home to the KPMG Centre for Advanced Business Analytics, developing new approaches, methods and tools for managing Big Data.

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