Address the challenge of improving efficiency and maximising returns on human capital in a constantly disruptive market.

Improve efficiency and maximise returns on human capital in a constantly disruptive market

Energy is essential for all our lives. It powers and heats our homes and our businesses. Without it, a modern economy cannot function effectively.  

There are huge changes underway in the UK energy sector:  

  • Britain is increasingly dependent on imported energy as our own indigenous supplies reduce;
  • Operators in the North Sea are focussing on cost efficiency reflecting the significant fall in the oil price, whilst also increasingly facing up to the challenges of decommissioning older fields; 
  • In the power sector, capacity margins are at their lowest levels for more than a decade; there are legally-binding targets to meet in terms of reducing carbon emissions and ongoing concerns about affordability and energy bills;
  • Breakthroughs in technology are offering new ways to both produce and consume energy going forward;
  • Whilst new entrants threaten the previous dominance of the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers.  

Our dedicated energy team advises clients across the oil and gas and power and utilities sectors. We advise companies and investors involved in oil and gas, mining and chemicals, electricity generation, electricity and gas distribution and transmission companies, plus the water companies.  

Whatever your challenge our experienced industry experts deliver thoughtful solutions to help you tackle them.

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