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KPMG's Global Energy network works with major organizations in a variety of energy related sectors to respond to business issues and trends.

Global Energy network responds to business issues and trends.

In Ukraine KPMG's Energy & Natural Resources (ENR) practice assists major organizations in the oil and gas, power and utilities, renewables, metals and mining industries to respond to industry trends and business issues.

KPMG's in Ukraine services include audit, tax and advisory. These are tailored to the needs of our clients and delivered by our ENR professionals.

KPMG is a reliable partner, thanks to its global network and international experience of working on projects in the energy industry. We have a range of specific expertise at our disposal, covering areas such as:

  • reviewing strategies
  • linking strategies with operational implementation
  • developing control elements; CAPEX, OPEX, performance FTE benchmarking
  • establishing an early warning system for identifying new, unexpected and unusual risks
  • synchronizing risk management and strategy/budgeting processes
  • analyzing company-specific compliance requirements and the company’s organizational structures, processes and systems
  • identifying potential for optimization and using synergy effects to ensure compliance with internal and external specifications
  • developing a compliance function and implementing a compliance system
  • implementing a pragmatic, company-wide approach for the universal integration of governance, risk management, compliance and assurance
  • providing effective monitoring and assurance via internal audit services
  • providing advice on accounting issues relating to energy, e.g. financial instrument accounting, exploration costs, emission rights, etc.
  • sustainability reporting
  • planning and supervising optimal energy contracting
  • creating financial reporting tools for cost accounting, financial reporting and regulatory accounting
  • privatization of energy supply companies
  • carrying out due diligence (financial, commercial, tax, legal, environmental)
  • assessing companies or parts of companies
  • financing matters for large projects.

Our ENR practice is at the forefront of the industry. KPMG's Global Energy Institute (GEI) was launched in 2007 and is a forum where financial executives in the energy industry can learn about the industry challenges and opportunities, share leading practices and conduct an ongoing dialogue about emerging energy-industry issues.

For more information on the Global Energy Conference please visit Global Energy Institute.

Our member firms around the world in the North and Latin Americas, Asia Pacific and the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions provide services specifically to the Oil & Gas and Power & Utilities sectors. For country members within the leadership team in each region please access:

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