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AC Forum provides views and insights on topics of interest to board members, audit committees members and senior executives.


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AC Forum Session 34
Risk Trends and Proactive Audit Committee
Tuesday 15 and Thursday 24 August 2017


AC Forum Session 33
TFRS 9 Financial Instruments: Overview and key challenges
Tuesday 16 and Thursday 25 May 2017


AC Forum Session 32
Audit Committee Forum - Shareholder questions 2017
Tuesday 2 and Thursday 7 March 2017


AC Forum Session 31
Audit Committee Priorities - Stay ahead of the final curve of 2016
Tuesday 15 and Thursday 24 November 2016


AC Forum Session 30
Stay on course: Impairment of assets
Tuesday 16 and Thursday 25 August 2016


AC Forum Session 29
New auditor’s report – Opportunity and new challenge
Tuesday 17 and Thursday 26 May 2016


AC Forum Session 28
Assessing Board Effectiveness
Tuesday 1 and Thursday 10 March 2016


AC Forum session 27
Transfer pricing act: Tax considerations for Audit Committees
Tuesday 17 and Thursday 26 November 2015


AC Forum session 26
Cyber Security: Challenges for Audit Committee
Tuesday 18 and Thursday 27 August 2015


AC Forum session25
Internal Audit Oversight: Tool of Audit Committee.
Tuesday 19 and Thursday 28 May 2015


AC Forum session24
KPMG’s Audit Committee Priorities for 2015
Tuesday 3 and Thursday 12 March 2015 


AC Forum session 23
TFRS : Roadmap to the future
Tuesday 18 and Thursday 27 November 2014 

AC Forum session 22
Sustainability Development Roadmap by SEC – A new era of challenge
Tuesday 19 and Thursday 28 August 2014 


AC Forum session 21
COSO 2013: The Road to Transition
Tuesday 20 and Thursday 29 May 2014 


AC Forum session 20
Audit Committee Priorities for 2014 – The Challenges Ahead
Thursday 6 and Wendsday 1 March 2014 


AC Forum

AC Forum

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