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Tax & Legal News Flash

Tax & Legal News Flash

KPMG Thailand Tax's bi-monthly newsletter which covers the latest issues in taxation and government announcements relating to tax matters.

Newsletter which covers the latest issues in taxation and other tax related announcements

Tax Flash Newsletter is KPMG Thailand Tax's bi-monthly newsletter which covers the latest issues in taxation and government announcements relating to tax matters.


Issue 26: Cambodia-Thailand DTA – Key features

Issue 25: New Law to amend the Labor Protection Act

Issue 24: Representative Office

Issue 23: Termination of Customs Duty Amnesty Program

Issue 22: New draft legislation regarding foreign functional currency in computation of corporate income tax

Issue 21: New Law – Aliens’ Working Management Emergency Decree

Issue 20: New draft legislation impacting the taxation of the e-commerce industry

Issue 19: Are you ready for upcoming transfer pricing regulations?

Issue 18: New Law to Exempt Foreign Business License for Certain Business Services

Issue 17: The New Customs Act has been introduced - Customs Act B.E. 2560

Issue 16: Legal news: Summary of recent amendment to five main business laws

Issue 15 (Update): Filing audited accounts can be done electronically as from 1 November 2017

Issue 15: Physical filing of audited accounts is now mandatory for an E-filing corporate taxpayer

Issue 14: Corporate Income tax : Tax deduction

Issue 13: Criminal Liability of Company's Representative– Basis to be Penalized has been Amended

Issue 12: Amendment to the  Investment Promotion Act

Issue 11: Amended Personal Tax Income Tax Deductible Expenses and Allowances

Issue 10: Corporate income tax : Tax Deductions

Issue 9: Proposed amendment to the Labor Protection Act 

Issue 8: International Headquarters (IHQ) and International Trading Center (ITC)

Issue 7: Corporate income tax : Tax deductions

Issue 6: Multiple BOI Privileges

Issue 5: Tax Deductions

Issue 4: Withholding Tax

Issue 3: Foreign Business License

Issue 2: Personal Income Tax

Issue 1: Customs Tax

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