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Today’s insurers face a wide range of complex challenges, from navigating financial market uncertainty and evolving consumer demands to outpacing digitally savvy new competitors. While these factors may add new risk, they also present opportunities for insurers, reinsurers, and brokers, to rethink strategy, redesign financial and capital models, revamp sales, service and support processes with technology, or explore new growth in emerging markets or through product innovation.

Intensified regulatory scrutiny and enhanced compliance and capital requirements through Own Risk and Solvency (ORSA), IFRS and Solvency ll regimes are at the forefront. Tax Morality and Transparency rate high on the agenda. Modernizing technology and processes to derive value from the vast volume of data, securing the best talent from an ever shrinking pool, and driving efficiencies in front and back office operations will continue to challenge business models for several years to come. 


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