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About Smart Tech Solutions

About Smart Tech Solutions

It’s time to tackle your challenges in real time. KPMG introduces Smart Tech Solutions: smart software solutions that provide 24/7 advice.

It’s time to tackle your challenges in real time. KPMG introduces Smart Tech Solutions.

In an ideal world we would tackle problems preventatively. However, everyday reality turns out to be unpredictable. Because organizations are constantly active and evolving. People work, take decisions and create opportunities while at the same time trying to minimize costs and risks.

Through Smart Tech Solutions, KPMG unleashes its global knowledge and experience in the areas of growth, performance, risk and regulations. Using (external) data, our smart software solutions provide up-to-the-minute insights into performance, opportunities and threats. Enabling employees at large and small companies alike to take charge of their circumstances. The objective: progress and growth for everyone.

This way KPMG combines all the technological knowledge and experience it has gained over the past hundred years. Enabling you to acquire all the knowledge you need with one simple licence.


Smart Tech Solutions currently consists of fifteen solutions. These solutions solve a variety of issues confronting contemporary enterprises as a result of i.e. technological developments and changes in legislation. Solutions include advice on cybersecurity, assistance in transitioning to new reporting regulations for lease contracts and streamlining invoicing.

Take InvoiceSharing, for example, which ensures more efficient invoicing by reducing reliance on paper and pdf. At the same time it also performs compliance checks and books invoices directly into your accounts. Another example is Indica. This solution helps prevent fraud within companies. Using Early Case Assessments it provides insight into potential consequences. Another revolutionary solution: Innovation Factory. This solution compiles and analyses ideas and opinions from all over the world with a focus on innovation and inspiration.

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