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Malta is a proven jurisdiction of choice for quite a number of multinationals seeking a cost and tax efficient jurisdiction.

Malta is a known choice for multinationals seeking cost and tax efficient jurisdictions.

Having established itself in the region in the 1970s as a low cost manufacturing and logistics hub. Malta has gone from strength to strength, as evidenced by Malta's high level of activity in the value-added productive industries. Malta boasts of substantial investment in manufacturing, research and development activities (especially in the pharmaceutical industry), services and the ICT sector. Also Malta's development as a logistics hub has been further bolstered in recent years by Malta's strategic geographical location, bridging Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, a position successfully exploited by the transhipment Freeport (the 10th Busiest container terminal in Europe) and an extensive feedering network.

Logistics and Value Chain Management

Over recent years Malta achieved huge growth in logistics and value chain management.

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