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International Tax

International Tax

KPMG's International Tax practice is part of a network of professionals who can provide meaningful advice on cross-border tax matters.

KPMG's International Tax practice is part of a network of professionals who can provide...

KPMG’s International Tax practice professionals help companies manage the complexities of multiple tax systems and supranational regulation around the world.

They are dedicated to enabling the success of your tax future and passionate about helping you find comprehensive approaches in typical business events such as: post acquisition integration and restructuring , expansion, divestment, IPOs and public financing, private finance and refinancing, rationalization, business change, development and technology and digitization and e-business.

By drawing not only on KPMG’s network of tax professionals around the world, but specialists in other areas of taxation, they are able to provide a complete and multidiscipline perspective to any tax challenge. 


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