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Learning & Development

Through our learning and development programs, there is the opportunity to develop into a global elite professional.

Through our learning and development programs, there is the opportunity ...

What is Global Elite Program (GEP)?

GEP is an intensive human resource development program designed for KPMG Juniors to further develop their technical knowledge, professionalism, and global mindset. The GEP process aims to nurture global elite professionals.

Employees who achieve high grades in GEP are awarded with opportunities to study abroad in the UK, USA or Philippines.


English Program

Samjong KPMG is highly supportive of our employees improving their language skills. We provide a variety of English language training programs. 


Basic course

Employees can take online courses and English conversation courses provided by EF (Education First), a KPMG Global partner company.

  • 100% support for all permanent employees in year 1 and 2
  • A course to upgrade basic writing and presentation skills


Intense course

Preparatory course for overseas secondment

  • Step 1: Support for overseas secondment: EF 1:1 conversation course
  • Step 2: Preparation course for USMP: Berlitz program
  • Step 3: English interview class for the final applicants: intense course for interview

Employment Guide and Job Application

Samjong KPMG endeavors to employ outstanding individuals such as newly accountants..

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New/Experienced Hires

Samjong KPMG is looking forward to the applications of people who are ready to grow as an expert in various fields.

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