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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Programme

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Programme

A 4-day training and certification programme that is recognised across the globe.

Lean Six Sigma green belt Training and Certification program by KPMG India.

About Green Belt:

A 4 day, 32 hours classroom programme aims at enabling individuals to participate and drive improvement projects across domains and industries. Delivered by our senior professionals who share their industry experience and use adaptive learning methodology.

The training aims at helping individuals learn how to improve business productivity by eliminating waste and reducing process variations using the DMAIC- Define, Measure, Analyse Improve and Control approach. Sessions are held explaining usage of statistical tools for solving business problems and contributing to organisational goals.

The programme can enable individuals to drive performance improvement projects, manage teams, develop leadership acumen and make fact based decision making. These are generally projects which feed to larger themes picked by CXOs and helps ensure achievement of organisational goals. The training helps individuals who are looking to improve critical pain points in their work areas with collaboration of team members from few same/other departments/functions.

Potential benefits of the programme:

The programme helps participants

  • Develop capability for data driven problem solving (dispel perceptions)
  • Drive Lean Six Sigma concepts and mentor teams within the organisation
  • Participate in transformation programmes as LSS coach/change agents
  • Contribute to organisational growth plans by executing excellence projects
  • Support leadership in setting short/long-term growth perspectives (KPI/ROI)
  • Guide team members for relevant data collection, analysis and inference
  • Build competency development and enhance career
  • Enhance their project management techniques
  • Achieve tangible/intangible benefits for the organisation through operation excellence projects


Course structure:

  • Overview on Six Sigma, VOC, Kano Model, Project Charter, SIPOC
  • Understanding data, types of data, sampling strategy
  • Normal distribution, box plot, test of normality
  • Measurement system analysis
  • Rolled throughput yield
  • Process capability - Cp and Cpk, DPMO
  • Cause validation - Cause and effect diagram
  • Pareto analysis, C&I matrix
  • Process door analysis - Lean application, types of wastes, principles of lean, value stream mapping
  • Data door analysis - Testing the potential causes - test of hypothesis. Test of means and test of proportion
  • Correlation, scatter plot, simple regression and multiple regression analysis
  • Ideation and solutions -  TRIZ, C&B matrix, mistake proofing, FMEA, hypothesis testing to validate the results
  • Process management charts, SPC - control charts for continuous and discrete data
  • Control-response plan  


Who should attend

The programme is designed for meeting the requirements of 

  • Change agents who take initiative for transformation programmes in the organisation
  • Professionals involved in budgeting, strategising, execution, validation for excellence programmes
  • Process owners who wish to gain excellence in their work area
  • Lean Six Sigma professionals responsible for driving CXOs theme to execution
  • Candidates aspiring for future leadership roles/leading positions in project management
  • Professionals involved in process control/assurance, quality and improvement
  • Individuals perusing diverse academic streams such as management, engineering, doctoral, research, banking and finance and much more.


Feedback from participant:

“I recently undertook the Green Belt programme at KPMG India, my experience from enrolling to the training to completing it has been great. The entire team was really helpful, the programme facilitator had vast knowledge of the subject. We were provided with statistical demonstration of tools and the entire DMAIC approach was explained through case studies.” - Professionals from banking industry

Contact us

For registrations please write to us at in-fmsixsigma@kpmg.com or call us at +91 9555688555,+91 9022033666 or +91 8444011201. 

For corporate institution, group training or public programme registrations please write to us at in-fmsixsigma@kpmg.com or call us at +91 9987744776


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