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Governance obligations are growing in importance & complexity. We provide independent, quality financial statement audits & accounting strategies.

We provide independent, quality financial statement audits & accounting strategies.

Independent, quality financial statement audits

Governance obligations are growing in importance and complexity. Senior business leaders need accounting strategies that are both compliant and pragmatic. We deliver strong communication and a constructive and challenging audit approach to public and private clients in every sphere of Irish business.


KPMG provides timely and relevant support in areas such as forensics, tax, information risk management and valuations. Our highly experienced professionals can help manage areas as diverse as risk, adequacy of internal controls and potential fraud.

We approach each situation with fresh thinking, robust audit methodologies, appropriate use of technology and a range of compliance tools driven by sound judgement and objectivity. We reinforce our credentials through use of KPMG’s global training platform, ensuring access to exceptional industry training and technical skills enhancement.

Given the global reach of many of our clients, we ensure that we match our clients’ requirements with a wide-ranging global network to ensure high quality service wherever it is required. We deliver cohesive teams, consistent methodologies and strong leadership to take an integrated view of client risk, ensuring we can help establish the impact of emerging matters both locally and globally.

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