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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

At KPMG we believe in the power of people to do great things.

At KPMG we believe in the power of people to do great things.

Business in the Community Ireland

KPMG was one of 56 Irish companies who created almost 7000 community partnerships and donated over €32 million in cash donations, in-kind donations and employee fundraising to local charities and community groups in 2016.

This information is captured by Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI), on the online interactive Business Impact Map which gives a county-by-county breakdown of how companies and their employees supported their local community groups and charities during 2016.

Statistics for KPMG show that over €276,223 was given in cash donations; €868,871 was contributed through in-kind donations and €102,036 was raised through employee fundraising. Employees also volunteered 10,400 hours to local groups and projects during the year.

Making a Difference

Making a Difference - Corporate Citizenship at KPMG highlights KPMG's award-winning skills based endeavours in Corporate Citizenship over the previous eighteen months and brings together, in a collection of short stories, the wide range of communities and charities which have benefitted from the extra-curricular and voluntary efforts of KPMG's people.

Shaun Murphy, Managing Partner at KPMG in Ireland says: "Corporate Citizenship creates opportunities for everyone to make a difference in Ireland and overseas, working with outstanding Corporate Citizenship partners and helping people overcome challenges whilst learning new skills and solutions."

Karina Howley, Head of Corporate Citizenship at KPMG added: "The greatest Corporate Citizenship benefits arise when businesses leverage the skills of their people. Developing a successful Corporate Citizenship strategy means ensuring that whatever skills exist in a business are applied to helping remedy the challenges faced by charitable and voluntary bodies."


Read the report here.

2016 Docklands Business Awards

KPMG was awarded the Responsible Business Award at the Docklands Business Awards 2016 in recognition of its work with the North Wall Community Training Centre (NWCTC). The 'Get Cents' financial literacy programme, developed by KPMG volunteers in conjunction with NWCTC, provides people from disadvantaged backgrounds with the skills and information required to manage their personal finances and live independent lives.

Corporate Citizenship at KPMG

At KPMG we believe in the power of people to do great things. Our Corporate Citizenship programme creates opportunities for all of our people to make a difference.

In Ireland and overseas we work with outstanding Corporate Citizenship partners - helping people overcome difficulties and challenges whilst learning and sharing new skills.

We group our award winning Corporate Citizenship into five categories:

  • Charities 
  • Community 
  • Developing World 
  • Education 
  • The Environment

You can find out more about just some of our Corporate Citizenship initiatives via the KPMG Ireland YouTube Channel.

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