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Companies are drowning in digital data, struggling to comply with increased regulation, and trying to avoid costly enforcement actions and litigation.

Companies are drowning in digital data and trying to avoid costly enforcement actions.

Our team strives to help organizations to achieve the highest level of integrity and to manage the cost and risk of litigation, investigations, and regulatory enforcement actions. We do this by assisting with the prevention, detection, and response to fraud, waste, abuse, and other forms of misconduct, such as: the avoidance and resolution of disputes; and the collection, discovery and analysis of electronically stored information. 


Our global network consists of more than 3,000 multidisciplinary professionals from member firms of KPMG International. We help clients discover the facts underlying concerns about fraud and misconduct, and assist in assessing and mitigating the vulnerabilities to such activities.

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Fraud Risk Management

Having a reputation for integrity is crucial.

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Forensic Technology Services

Data analytics that can identify opp to stop fraud and misappropriation of resources.

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Opportunistic fraud: a growing concern

Weak internal controls were a significant factor in 61% of the investigated fraud cases.

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Third-Party Risk Management

High-risk business relationships, corporate intelligence and implementing due diligence.

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