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Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

The KPMG Transport and Logistics professionals can contribute to improved business decision making and performance.

KPMG can contribute to improved business decision making and performance.

Transport faces an intensely competitive environment in which market consolidation and the merging of public and private sectors have become critical issues. At the business level, operators must tackle such issues as globalization, consolidation, the spiraling complexity of information technology, pressures on profitability, surplus capacity, and increasing government regulation and interference.


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Foresight: A Global Infrastructure Perspective

Let’s face it: today’s infrastructure development is primarily shaped by costs.

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Internationally active or boundless ambitions? Get answers to your questions about international business at the Exportbeurs of Flanders Investment & Trade.

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Growing trade set to result in launch of mega ports...

With increasing need for efficiency, shipping companies are focusing on procuring...

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Transport Perspectives - November 2014

This edition examines customer experience transformation within the transport sector...

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