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KPMG’s Automotive practice offers a pro-active, forward-thinking service to our clients.

KPMG’s Automotive practice offers a pro-active, forward-thinking service to our clients.

The global automotive market is diverse. It ranges from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and component manufacturers, to dealerships and commercial vehicle manufacturers. There is potential for growth across many areas, for example the research and development of ‘greener’ vehicles and fuels. KPMG’s Automotive professionals offer a pro-active, forward-thinking service to their clients to help them overcome the issues and challenges faced by the industry.

How KPMG can help

We offer a pro-active, forward-thinking service to assist clients in taking advantage of the growth potential in the current market and in overcoming the issues and challenges currently faced by the industry, including: 

  • Reporting and regulation 
  • Sustainability and the environment 
  • Plant location, closures and relocation 
  • Emerging market companies 
  • Evolving distribution channels 
  • Consumer trends 
  • Private equity investment 
  • Improving operational efficiencies 
  • Market entry and expansion 
  • Business operating model structure

The KPMG Automotive Team

The KPMG Automotive team consists of professionals that are focused on serving automotive companies in Belgium as well as worldwide. Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a component manufacturer, part of a dealership group, a commercial vehicle manufacturer or one of their suppliers, our knowledge of the industry enables us to provide business services to the entire automotive supply chain.

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