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KPMG seeks to offer progressive strategies to help address the range of challenges facing the public sector.

KPMG seeks to offer progressive strategies to help address a range of challenges.

KPMG in Albania and Kosovo includes professionals who possess the knowledge, insight and awareness of pertinent legislation and regulatory implications needed to address the special needs of the public sector. We are able to provide a broad array of services to help government agencies establish sustainable improvements to performance, operations and quality of service.

We work across central government and local government, healthcare, and the private sector, providing advice and assurance to solve problems and deliver results. We understand where the synergies between sectors lie, and we can help our clients leverage these to move towards a better operating model.

KPMG in Albania and Kosovo offers a range of services to help government organizations improve productivity and the quality of services they provide, help generate increased value for money, and assist with performance-related issues and challenges.

Our services include:  

  • Strategy, Policy Reform and Program Evaluation 
  • Performance Improvement and Capacity Building  
  • Public Finance Management   
  • Audit of EU Funded Projects
  • Human Resources Management

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