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2016 Africa Incentive Survey - Africa is open for business

2016 Africa Incentive Survey

Leaders in Africa are no strangers to dealing with difficult economic and political challenges, and this resilience will stand them in good stead to institute a framework of intra-Africa trade that will benefit all African economies.



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2016 Africa Incentive Survey

The purpose of Africa Incentive Survey - Africa is open for business is to understand the landscape of incentives offered by African countries, both to local and foreign investors. Whilst in an ideal world, information relating to all countries in Africa would have been included in such a survey, for a variety of reasons (including time limitations), this survey contains information across 28 countries in Africa that represent 81% of Africa’s USD 2.4 trillion GDP and which are home to three-quarters of Africa’s 1.2 billion population.

More than a third of the 28 countries surveyed have incentives related to manufacturing. It appears that African countries are reforming the incentive policies to include manufacturing incentives, to attract manufacturing FDI within their countries.

This survey is an excellent first reference for any company looking to invest or expand their business into Africa, and this survey cements the fact that Africa is indeed open to business.

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