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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Organisations are continuously challenged by the complexity and increasing number of laws, regulations, codes and standards.

Compliance with the increasing number of laws, regulations, codes and standards

Never before has the need for an effective compliance function been so acute.

As the global awareness of the importance of good corporate governance, effective risk management and internal controls continues to grow, so too does the demand for high-quality regulatory and compliance services.

Our services offering

KPMG’s Regulatory Compliance unit deploys professionals who have the right blend of legal, assurance and business expertise. Our experience, knowledge base and independent approach ensures a quality output and assurance that the organisation is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards

How we can help

Key services we provide our clients are varied and include:

  • Compliance Function gap assessments and/or Effectiveness Reviews
  • Assistance with the establishment of a Compliance function
  • Identification of the applicable regulatory universe and prioritisation of high compliance risk sections of Acts and regulations
  • Development of Compliance Risk Management Plans which address the compliance requirements, necessary controls, monitoring and assurance needs of the organisation
  • Monitoring of compliance and providing assurance that the organisation complies with particular Acts and/ or regulations
  • Compliance services in relation to tenders and procurement (running a tender and/or post-procurement assurance)
  • Provision of compliance training
  • Secondment of compliance resources
  • Dashboard reporting and communication of compliance results as required to management, Board, Compliance Committee, Audit Committee and Social and Ethics Committee or to other governance structures
  • Outsourcing of the Compliance function

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