IT Internal Audit

IT Internal Audit

KPMG IT Internal Audit provides a cost-effective means of providing independent assurance over IT risks and controls in place to mitigate them

Find out how KPMG IT Internal Audit can help you mitigate IT risk

Are you getting the assurance you need over your IT risks?

Information technology is constantly evolving and becoming ever more critical to your business. As a result, you are faced with a huge challenge in managing IT risks and gaining assurance over your internal risk processes and controls. To maintain assurance over the risks you face and to meet your corporate governance responsibilities, a strong and effective IT internal audit function is increasingly important.

KPMG IT Internal Audit provides a cost-effective means of providing independent assurance over IT risks and controls in place to mitigate them. KPMG can provide you with access to a pool of IT specialists and a wide range of subject matter experts with a wealth of knowledge drawn from many years of hands-on experience.

Our service offering

We are well positioned to add value with our specialist IT audit skills through co-source and outsource arrangements, enabling clients to reduce or optimise overhead on an in-house IT Internal Audit function. We engage throughout all components and phases of the internal audit, from strategic analysis to risk assessment to plan development and reporting. We also work closely to align with and contribute to Enterprise Risk Management activities within the organisation. 

How we can help

  • Greater understanding of your IT risk profile: Our IT risk and control specialists will help you understand the risk profile of your organisation and devise a plan to help you to address -risk whilst helping you improve the way you do business
  • Assurance activity focused on risk: We ensure that assurance activity is risk-focused to optimise the value you get from IT Internal Audit .We will ensure that new risks are proactively rolled into the audit plan as required.
  • Industry insights and best practices: We share industry insights and best practices with you to enable you to improve the benefits you receive from the use of technology.
  • Improve the skills of your current staff: We work with your team to transfer our experience and knowledge to improve their skills and the value they add
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts: Provide deep technically qualified expert resources to undertake IT internal audits, including expert guidance on regulatory change and the requirements of IT , cyber security and privacy, data management, data analytics, IT resilience, regulatory compliance, strategy, project management, IT compliance and fraud investigation

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