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Ethics Consulting

Ethics Consulting

KPMG Ethics Advisory assists organisations in creating and sustaining an ethical organisational culture.

KPMG assists organisations in creating and sustaining an ethical organisational culture.

KPMG's Ethics Advisory service line has been in practise since 2010. In a short space of time it has grown into a highly regarded service. The main purpose of Ethics Advisory is to assist organisations in creating and sustaining an ethical organisational culture.

Good ethics management not only helps guard against financial and reputational losses due to fraud, theft, corruption and unethical conduct, but enhances productivity and meaningful work. In the age of transparency and social media, ethical failures have become ever more damaging.

KPMG's Ethics Advisory service line offers services to public and private organisations through Southern and Eastern Africa to enhance ethical leadership, moral sensitivity and ethical decision-making.

Our approach to ethics consulting

In line with leading practice standards (including the King III Report on Governance and the Public Service Integrity Management Framework), KPMG believes in a risk-based approach to ethics management. Understanding the existing ethical climate within one's organisation, and the ethical dilemmas employees are exposed to assists an organisation in developing and effective ethics programme. Such a programme will include:

  • Assessing an organisation’s ethics culture
  • Articulating an organisation’s ethics message
  • Embedding ethics in an organisation
  • Reporting on the ethical performance of the organisation

KPMG can assist through:

  • An ethics / risk assessment
  • The development (or review) of the Code of Ethics and related policies
  • Designing and implementing an ethics strategy
  • Facilitating ethics training
  • Establishing an Ethics Office
  • Designing a framework for reporting on ethics performance.

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Promoting Ethics in Organisations: Letters from the field

According to the King Report, for instance, corporate governance is the exercise of ethical and effective leadership, and one of its primary outcomes is an ethical organisational culture. But achieving such laudable outcomes is easier said than done, and those having started this venture attest to challenges in motivating and implementing ethics programmes in organisations.

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