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Authenticated Collections

Authenticated Collections

The Authenticated Collections Project is aimed at enhancing the safety and efficiency of the payments system by reducing the number of unauthorised debit orders.


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Whilst 18% of Non-Authenticated Early Debit Orders (NAEDO) transactions are unpaid due to a lack of funds, the focus at this point is to resolve the disputed transactions which are currently reported at 7% - 8%.

AC is the process whereby consumers are required to authorise any future debits on their account byapproving the debit order mandate, through an electronic authentication process, ensuring that all debitsare legally authorised. As a result consumers will know who is debiting their bank account, when they willdebit and how much will be debited. At the same time, this new system will also protect companies in thatauthenticated mandates will remove the ability for consumers to unreasonably dispute their debit orders.


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